2004 WNAR - International Biometric Society Annual Meeting 

June 27-30, 2004    Albuquerque, NM

(Specific Information on housing, invited sessions, short course, and abstracts )

(General Information)

The 2004 joint WNAR/IBS meeting will be held June 27-30 at the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque.

The campus is located approximately two miles east of downtown Albuquerque, two miles north of the Albuquerque International Airport, and 10 miles west of the Sandia mountains, which border the eastern edge of the city. Albuquerque provides a unique blend of historic attractions, multi-culturalism, outdoor activities, and native cuisine, and serves as a gateway to the nearby cities of Santa Fe, Taos, Acoma, and the numerous pueblos of the Rio Grande Valley.

Early summer weather in the high-desert environment surrounding Albuquerque tends to be hot and dry during the day (low to mid 90's), but with cool evenings (low 60's).

Local accommodations will be provided by the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Albuquerque and through the University of New Mexico housing office.

There are 13 invited-sessions planned for the meeting:

Mortality Displacement: Inference from Air Pollution Time Series. (WNAR)

    Organizer: Paul Switzer, Stanford Univ

Inference using computer simulation code (WNAR)

    Organizer: Dave Higdon, LANL

Genetics: Linkage and Phylogenetics (WNAR)

    Organizer: Laura Salter, UNM

Design for Drug Discovery (WNAR)

    Organizer: Derek Bingham, SFU

Homeland Security (WNAR)

    Organizer: Sarah Michalak, LANL

Statistical Learning and Data Mining (WNAR)

    Organizer: Nando deFreitas, UBC

Social Network Analysis (IMS/WNAR)

    Organizer: Peter Hoff, University of Washington

Applications of Multivariate Survival Analysis in Genetic Epidemiology (IMS/WNAR)

    Organizer: David Glidden, UCSF

Functional Data Analysis (IMS)

    Organizer: Gareth James, University of Southern California

Interval Censored Data: Theory and Methods (IMS)

    Organizer: Michael Kosorok, University of Wisconsin

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methodology (IMS)

    Organizer: Jim Hobert, University of Florida

Mixture Analysis: Theory and Applications (IMS)

    Organizer: Guenther Walther, Stanford University

Model Selection (IMS)

    Organizer: Mark van der Laan, UC-Berkeley


Additional information on contributed sessions, student presentations, short courses, and the Presidential Invited speaker will be provided in the near future.

Ed Bedrick, WNAR Local Arrangements Chair

Gabriel Huerta, IMS Local Arrangements Chair